We've arrived safely in Darwin this morning after a bloody long flight. Everything went pretty smoothly except that all the airport checks are pretty strict

I even had to take off my shoes because they wanted to x-ray them (biological weapons?) :-)

We arrived at 0415 so we didn't get into bed until 0530. Fortunately there was a problem at the back packers hostel with the reservation of our room,

so we got the biggest room they have. It's called Buckingham Palace. It has one bedroom, one bed-room annex living room, separate kitchen, private toilet and shower. It's BIG! :-)

We got a few hours sleep until about 1100, then went for breakfast/lunch and got some supplies from the supermarket. We didn't have a really active afternoon (just sat in the park, reading a little). We got a little more active in the evening and went to the beach to view the sunset and get something to eat.

On monday we decided to rent two bikes and explore Darwin. After about an hour Oskar got a flat tire so we had to walk back. Since I was wearing some lighter shoes without socks (who needs heavy mountain boots when its 35 degrees and you go cycling right?) I had a very big blister after less that half an hour of walking, so the last piece of the trip back was quite uncomfortable. But since it's on my heel I don't feel it at all when I'm walking on my heavy boots. So from now on the light ones are emergeny-can-get-wet only.